When I eat watermelon I always eat a little of the rind. The rind is green and most times bitter but I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

  One of the reasons is because I recall one of my Grandparents saying that, “rind can hurt your stomach but it also cleans you out. The rind is powerful stuff. And who doesn’t need a good cleansing once in a while?”

  If I go to a restaurant and eat off the buffet, they always remove the rind and leave just the sweet juicy red of the watermelon. Which is great and I love it. I could eat tons of this rindless fruit (or is it a vegetable?).

  Recently the ureteric of the Presidential elections has come to my attention….well more like I’ve been lambasted with it over every talk show, radio, news outlets, entertainment programs, social media, friends, and yes even church. Kind of hard to avoid it, and rightly so.

  This is an important election and if you are privileged to live in this blessed country, (with no doubt in my opinion whatsoever, given to us by GOD above)….then YOU SHOULD be pondering what’s taking place during this voting season.

  Two candidates appear to be left with two very different points of view about how this country’s direction should go in the years to come.

  If you listen to one side, they will be quick to tell you that the government is only too happy to remove all the rinds from your life and leave you with only the sweet red sugary stuff. All you have to do is eat it all up. And amazingly many people do.

  There is another side who gives you rind and all…and boy is it tough for some to swallow the bitter truth.

   I guess just like the watermelon we have to make a decision. If all you want is the sweetness of the sugary rindless red stuff….well…just remember it may taste good now but too much sugar doesn’t make you sweet, it can make you sick down the road.

  Sometimes the best thing to do is eat a little of the bitter rind along with the sweet. Sure our stomachs may hurt at first but It also just might clean out a few of the problems. And who doesn’t need a cleansing every now and then?…don’t worry, the LORD willing….

And your vote…

It’ll all work its way out.


Music and movie legend Pat Boone, has a few words to say about Saturday Night Live and their most recent sketch.  A Born Again Believer for many years, he recently co-stared in the new movie entitled “God’s Not Dead 2” with Melissa Joan Hart.

Pat Boone was quoted as saying,

“This skit, [by SNL], was outright sacrilege. They know if they did this to Muslims they’d have to be put into the witness protection program.”

  Read his complete comments to “The Hollywood Reporter” here:

I must admit that even here at BCRACKED.COM I gasped when watching the SNL skit.

Watch the previous post of the SNL parody here:

Has SNL pushed the boundaries too far or is Pat Boone right on target?  Watch both videos and you decide.



I went looking for God today. I arose out of sleep and decided that today I would seek out God.  We all know that God is everywhere.  We know that God created everything good.  So this morning I decided to look for God.

There is a certain gas station I use to fill up my car.  They have pure 100% gas, no alcohol added.  My vehicles seem to perform so much better when I use 100% gas.  Yes I am aware of carbon footprint reports but it is also a fact that my automobiles run more efficiently on 100% pure petroleum which in turn allows me to use less of it.  Seems to me a win-win situation.  It was there next to the pump that I first recognized a glimpse of God.


When I pulled up to the pump, unscrewed my gas cap and reached for the nozzle, I was startled by a guy with a floppy hat and empty gas can reaching for the same nozzle on the opposite side of the pump.  He simply smiled while picking up the nozzle and began filling his own empty gas can.  I was sure I had arrived before this guy and admittedly was annoyed.  This guy must have realized this and simply said with a smile, “It won’t take me long.”

He was right, it didn’t take long….but in my mind it took an eternity.  Finishing he nodded at me with that same smile, (of which I was growing tired of), and walked into the station to pay the cashier.  I stood there more irritated watching him wait in line at the counter inside, while I waited for the pump to be reset outside.

It was during this lull of just waiting that I watched as another guy with another red gas can walked up to the very pump I was at and reached for the nozzle. As if in a western shoot-out, I reached for the nozzle and informed this new guy that I was next.  He smiled and replied, “okay”.

The pump was finally cleared from inside the station by the cashier and I sighed, putting the nozzle into my car.  My car was past empty and the little flashing light inside my car reminded me of it all the way there.  I needed a full tank.  This new guy standing with his empty gas can spoke up during the silence and reminded me of what a beautiful day it had been so far, (all while smiling at me).  I pumped and pumped gas.


As I stood there I began feeling a little empty inside.  Here’s this new guy with such a small red one gallon gas tank, and I rushed because I needed to hurry and fill my fifteen gallon gas tank on the car.  It was then that I saw God.  The Bible talks about God being in the “still, small voice”…..and here I was standing in His presence…..looking at a small one gallon gas tank.

The more I looked around the more I saw Him.  I looked up and saw God in the elderly gentleman over to my right walking with a cane.  And there was God opening the door of the gas station for the elderly gentleman in the form of a young teenager at just the right moment.

Over to my left God said, “look”.  A parked car was there and God was directing a mother, to check the safety of the car seat of her small child, and then telling that same mother to tickle the child’s foot, making her giggle.

I heard the gas nozzle in my car make a loud clicking sound which indicated my tank was now full.  God directed my attention down at the small red one gallon gas can this guy in front of me was carrying.  My rush to be first at the pump  had filled my car but had emptied my spirit.

We tend to forget that our rush should forever be to help others. When a banquet table is set….doesn’t the host serve the guests first?  Here was a banquet full of gas for everyone and I rushed to be first.  Even Jesus THE CHRIST  washed his disciples feet. The greatest leader who ever walked upon this earth, knelt down and washed the feet of others.  Jesus then said, “do as I do.”  And the disciples lived this example out in their daily lives until God called them home.

I looked at the small red empty gas tank the guy had placed beside the pump at my feet and felt the presence of God and was humbled.  It was then that Jesus’ words came back to me, “do as I do.”

I knelt down and reached for the gas can.

“Here”, I said.  “Let me fill that up for you.”

The guy smiled and took the gas can out of my hand. “We got this.” he said. “God bless you brother.”

I said, “Are you sure?”

He replied, “Oh yeah brother…..God’s got this!!!………Be blessed!!!!”

And I was………..



Growing up as children we curiously seek out dangerous exciting adventures to fill our summer sun soaked days.  Just watch the eyes of a child widen as you inform them that the entire family will be going to the county fair. 

County fairs are fantastic!!  There are swings, slides and pony rides at the county fair.  Ropes to climb and balls to throw or bounce. There is happy music playing from all directions, and caramel apples stuck on sticks, with melt in your mouth colored candy made to look like cotton.  Haunted houses are there too. And if you purchase enough tickets, they will be willing to prove to you just how haunted by scaring you and your friends.

There are children though, who are only interested in the thrill rides.  Roller coasters daily are proof of that, with long lines of children and adults waiting for their moment to compete with other family members over who is the bravest thrill seeker of them all.

But before the lights and sound of the county fair, most of us as children begin our adventures on the Merry-Go-Round.  You step on… spins around…..then you step off.  I always thought it funny that even though we knew going too fast would make us dizzy, that was always our goal.  And we would do it over and over again.

Have you ever found an adult who was still interested in riding the Merry-Go-Round of life.  Every morning they get up at sunrise…..step on this Merry-Go-Round….spin around all day long……then step off at night……they are willing to do this same thing over and over…..every day?

Think about it.  Why would anybody pay money to step on a ride…..going nowhere…..only to end up at the same place they started?

Maybe you are one of those people.  You had good intentions when you started out in  life.  You had huge goals and dreams.  Somewhere someone convinced you to step on this Merry-Go-Round and you never stepped off.  If you did step off it was always right back at the same spot where you started.  You keep forgetting that life is like money and once you spend it, your life begins to be empty.  You become stuck in a cycle.

You need to be reminded that life has many, many rides just like the county fair.  Right now you should look around you, but to do that you must step off the Merry-Go-Round.  There are swings and slides and places to run and see.  Just like in sports, there are more things to do with a ball than just throwing it.  Remember you can also hit and catch a ball too!!  Sometimes in life you might just have to swing.

Life is about being willing to change.  We’re not talking about giving up your morals.  Rather we’re talking about NOT giving up your freedom to grow. God began your life as a child but He never intended for you to remain that way. All of us were created for growth.  We should be growing in knowledge. We should be growing in strength. We should be growing in kindness. We should be growing in love. We should be growing in giving to others.

Yes God has always intended for us to move…..but never in a circle…..always forward…….

And you can’t do that on a Merry-Go-Round.  Maybe…just maybe….today is your day…..

to pray hard…..and choose another ride!!!

God Bless on your new adventure!!!!!




Take a look at your shoes…go ahead….I’ll wait……..

Shoes can reveal a lot about a person.  Just where have your shoes been lately?


We all are taking a walk through life. No matter if you journey across America to India, Russia to China, or from bedroom to bathroom, life is a journey and most of us wear our own unique style of shoes while doing it.

Some decide to make their journey in a pair of tennis shoes.  Tennis shoes are called tennis shoes for a reason.  Tennis is a tough sport that requires a lot of running in place.  Tennis requires a lot of sprinting after tennis balls coming straight at you at a high velocity.  If you ever want to win in tennis, then you have to learn to return the ball across the net.  No matter what comes your way, you must be able to return that ball strategically.womens-tennis-shoes-image-300x253

People who wear tennis shoes are constantly on the move and may push back against life.  They develop a style and raise a racquet to get the job done.  They know to stay within the foul lines, and the only way to persevere is with fast paced actions plus sweat.

Dress shoes or high heels on the other hand, are for those who walk through life with a desire to impress, (most times it is themselves).  Dress shoes give you confidence.  You shine your dress shoes.  You keep dress shoes in a special box. You keep dress shoes in a special place in the closet.  The only time we pull out dress shoes is for special occasions.  When we want to look good, out come the dress shoes.

2008_quantum_of_solace_029Shoes of man and woman

People wearing dress shoes or high heels capture our attention and respect. We deem these type of people as being of importance even before we know who they may be.  Dress shoes and high heels are for special “look at me” moments.  Dress shoes can get us that job or a night on the town.


If today you just happen to be wearing flip flops…we all know it’s you because we can hear you.  Flip flop people really don’t care if you look at their feet.  Flip Flops usually don’t even cover the entire foot and only have a flimsy strap between the toes.  They are not made out of the best materials but who cares.  Flip flop people are not trying to please anyone…even themselves.  They are taking life casually and just want to have relaxing fun.  Getting baked by the sun or soaked by the rain is all part of life, so why not flip flop around and enjoy it.


Now if you think the flip flops have it all figured out….well think again.  Because there are the radicals out there who just prefer their feet being bare.  Yeah, that’s right….the barefooted people.  These people walk through life wanting to feel the earth beneath their feet.  Let it rain and barefooted people walk through the puddles of life as if it’s not even there.  Barefooted people kick sand into the air.  Barefooted people squish mud between the toes.  Barefooted people like the feet to breath.


Funny how we put such importance on the feet rather than the journey.  Things of the world drag us down and we forget the most simplest of things.  Tennis shoes eventually get worn and have to be replaced. It’s impossible to wear dress shoes all the time everywhere.  Flip flops will slip off your feet constantly, and being barefooted eventually leads to thorns in the soles.

If you live this life long enough, you will quickly gain the wisdom of many shoes while you travel.  Don’t be afraid to venture out in the morning with a different pair of shoes….or none at all.

I think the guy in the Old Testament of the Bible had the right idea.  His name was Joshua and he was given the roll of leading the children of Israel into the promise land after Moses.  He had a lot of experience in traveling long distances.  His advice?

  “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage;be not afraid , neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

-(Joshua 1:9)

  And if I may add……shoes optional !!!  🙂


Okay everybody…..grab some popcorn and sit back……this video may absolutely change your life.  No sales pitch here, just pure facts and information about all those health problems we encounter on a daily basis.

Ever wonder why you’re so fatigued all the time?  Do you diet all the time but never lose any weight?  Sometimes feel like you have irritable bowl movements?  Toenail fungus? Allergies? Yeast infections?  Or find yourself craving food all the time?

If you’ve been concerned about your health lately, making doctor visit after doctor visit, and nothing seems to be working……….then it is my prayer that just maybe this video below will help you find relief.

~Be prepared because the video is a little long…and always check with your doctor first when concerning your health.

~And remember no matter what shape your health is at the moment, nothing is impossible with a little faith, prayer and of course….“THE GREAT PHYSICIAN”!!!